Despite Medical Issues The Rampage Complete a Sweep of the Renegades

Although the Rampage had been victorious on Friday and Saturday, the team didn’t appear to be playing at their peak.  The reason became evident over the weekend as players began to ask what the splotches were that began appearing on their skin.  The old adage “No good deed goes unpunished” seemed to be the case as player after player exposed the obvious poison ivy rash that they had gained while doing an outdoor community service project prior to the weekend.  Yet the boys did not let any medical woes stop them from completing the task at hand – a sweep of the New Mexico Renegades.


Tulsa dominated throughout the first rarely giving the Renegades an opportunity to get the puck to the Rampage defensive zone.  Power forward Nick DiRado opened the scoring just over one minute into the first period with defenseman Matt Boente adding to the scoreboard at the midway point.  While it appeared that it was all Tulsa, the Renegades came into the second determined to change the momentum.


Change it they did as they dominated the second period adding three goals to their side of the board.  Tulsa made a feeble attempt to slow their momentum but by periods end the Renegades goals were unanswered and New Mexico left the ice with a one goal advantage. 


The boys took advantage of the period break, regaining their composure and preparing to come back from behind as they had done in the previous two nights.  A power play opportunity allowed James Ryerse to even up the score in the early portion of the period.  Just over a minute later Antonio Baccari took the lead in what appeared that it might be the game winner but with time winding down, the Renegades tied the score.  It was clear that the Rampage did not want to go to an overtime game for a second time on the weekend as they put extensive pressure on the Renegade goaltender.  That pressure paid off for Assistant Captain Shane Khalaf who scored the game winning goal with only 1.22 left in the game.  The 5-4 victory gave Tulsa the sweep of the series.

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