Community Service
A part of the daily regimen for non-student athletes is performing community service through Volunteer Central of Tulsa.  The players have had the opportunity to work at the Tulsa Aquarium, Oasis Day Center for the Elderly, Rosa Parks Elementary School, St. Francis Childrens Hospital, The Tulsa Rose Garden, and more.  While they have enjoyed all the opportunities, the players are particularly drawn to the service that allows them to interact with the kids or senior citizens.

Coach Chad MacLeod supervises the players at every event and has enjoyed the experience as well.  "I enjoy watching the boys play games with the seniors at the Oasis Day Center and reading the comics to them" MacLeod says  "There is a younger man there whose suffered a traumatic brain injury, he bonded with the boys immediately and they really enjoyed being around him."  As an avid scuba diver, MacLeod favored the aquarium and the hope he'd have the chance to dive in the shark tank, but the players enjoyment was more focused on the learning aspect of the event.

In the end, it's the events with children that drew the most praise from the players.  Each week the players mentor at the elementary school in class and in structured games during recess.  The popularity of that day's service has encouraged the Rampage's student athletes as well. "The students know they can't go to Rosa Parks until they're ahead in their classes and above the GPA requirement," Julie Wilson says "but they really want to participate so it's causing them to work harder on their academics which is a nice benefit."  The children at the St. Francis Children's Hospital also won the hearts of the players and those who were able colored and played with the players in the hospital playroom.  The players have proudly displayed drawings from those kids in the Rampage locker room.

Community service is a daily requirement for the non-student athletes but one that is fostering a desire in the players to get involved on behalf of other people and is enhancing their college resumes at the same time.
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