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Training Camp
The players have arrived from locations North and South and as far as Sweden to begin the intense month of training camp.  The daily regimen involves the players in a variety of areas including on and off ice training, academics, community service, player promotion training, chalk talk, and more.

The day begins early with players arriving at The Platinum Center shortly after 7:00 am.  Their off ice regimen focuses on circuit training in the area of  weightlifting, plyometrics, agility, aerobic conditioning, and core training.   The Platinum Center provides the latest and greatest in equipment which gives the Rampage trainers the ability to change the workouts on a daily basis.  "The facility has a huge variety of equipment including medical grade physical therapy equipment" General Manager Julie Wilson says "which allows us to develop a program that focuses on strength, power, agility, and cardio along with giving us the ability to have injured players rehab during our training sessions."

On ice training occurs at the Oilers Ice Center each day, where the players have quickly learned the value of hard work and discipline.  The first day began with no pucks in order to emphasize the importance of being on time as a result of a few who were late to a team meeting the day before.  The group quickly responded and have begun excelling under the coaching of Chad MacLeod.  "This is a hard working and intelligent group of players," MacLeod says "I'm impressed with how quickly they're developing and am looking forward to the season."

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